Getting Wine

For using zugbruecke, you need to install Wine first. Depending on your platform, there are different ways of doing that.


Currently, Wine >= 6.x is supported (tested).


Calling into 32 bit DLLs requires a 32 bit version of Wine. As most Linux distributions have started to drop 32 bit support, 32 bit versions of Wine are now rarely shipped by default. On some Linux distributions, e.g. Ubuntu and derivatives, the installation of 32 bit packages must be explicitly activated before one can even attempt to install Wine for 32 bit. Please read related instructions for your Linux distribution carefully before proceeding.


Support for MacOS and FreeBSD is provided on a best-effort basis. zugbruecke currently does not receive regular testing on those platforms.

Getting zugbruecke

The latest (more or less) stable release version can be installed with pip:

pip install zugbruecke

If you are interested in testing the latest work from the development branch, you can try it like this:

pip install git+

After installing the package with pip, you may choose to manually initialize the Wine Python environment by running wenv init. If you choose not to do this, zugbruecke will take care of it during its first use.


If you are relying on zugbruecke, please notice that it uses semantic versioning. Breaking changes are indicated by increasing the second version number, the minor version. Going for example from 0.0.x to 0.1.y or going from 0.1.x to 0.2.y therefore indicates a breaking change. For as long as zugbruecke has development status “alpha”, please expect more breaking changes to come.

If you are encountering any problems, see section on bugs and known issues.


CentOS is known to be problematic. It packages both CPython and Wine in rather unusual and partially incompatible ways. See section on CentOS.

Installing zugbruecke in Development Mode

If you are interested in contributing to zugbruecke, you might want to install it in development mode. You can find the latest instructions on how to do this in the CONTRIBUTING file of this project on Github.