Wine Python environment

zugbruecke offers a few useful helper scripts for allowing to work with Python on Wine more easily. They are also used for zugbruecke’s internal operations and development tests.

Command: wine-python

This command behaves just like the regular python command in a Unix shell, except that it fires up a Windows Python interpreter on top of Wine. It works with all regular parameters and switches, accepts pipes and can be launched in interactive mode.

You can also use it for creating executable Python scripts by adding the following at their top: #!/usr/bin/env wine-python. Do not forget chmod +x

Command: wine-pip

This command behaves just like the regular pip command on Unix, except that it attempts to install Python packages into a dedicated Python environment under Wine. So if you need any specific packages in wine-python, this is how you install them. Most packages written in pure Python should work just fine. Anything requiring a compiler during installation does not work. Packages / wheels with pre-compiled binary components in them might work, although this is largely untested territory. Feel free to report any (positive or negative) results.

Command: wine-pytest

This command behaves just like the regular pytest or py.test command on Unix. It is used for verifying how ctypes behaves on Windows / Wine. Every test zugbruecke passes when tested with pytest is also supposed to be passed by ctypes when tested with wine-pytest.